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Design Debt Symptoms

Signs you need our help

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The team spends too much time on “UX Debates”

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Don’t know where to start when it comes to the product’s UX

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Tech and design debt feels overwhelming

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Finding excellent UX resources is difficult

Whether you’re looking to eliminate bad UX or enhance your UX culture, we’ve got you sorted.

Mini Case Studies

Recent projects with enterprise
software companies

Scaling a suite

An established HR platform needed to build new products faster than ever and modernize their existing software to remain competitive.
Established an instantly scaleable design system, empowered product managers and developers to build with it. Infused a user-centred culture which made prioritization more streamlined and building new features a lot more fun.
Human resources & Ops
Data tables
Data dashboards
Design System
UI examples of a design system used in a suite of enterprise products

Manual to software product

A data analysis company used semi-automated process (macros, scripts etc) to transform unstructured data and perform highly sensitive secondary analysis.
Created a state of the art SaaS experience which reduced the risk of errors and manual effort by half.
Data dashboard
Design System
design of an iterative workflow in an enterprise product

Manual to software product

A data analysis company used semi-automated process (macros, scripts etc) to transform unstructured data and perform highly sensitive secondary analysis.
Created a state of the art SaaS experience which reduced the risk of errors and manual effort by half.
Data dashboard
Design System
Examples of a documentation tool's features and ux

User-specific dashboards

A real estate company with a large dataset didn’t know the ROI on their marketing spend across platforms. The sales team was not empowered to use data to make decisions due to fragmentation of reporting across marketing and advertising systems.
Custom dashboard experiences lead to members of the team to measure effectiveness of their part of the sales pipeline.
Real Estate
Data Dashboard
Large Datasets
Enterprise ux data dashboard examples
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Why We're Special

Work with the best enterprise UX team in the world

If there was a enterprise UX Games, we’d come in gold. This is a bold claim, but it lies in the caliber of design rationale, attention to detail and our unique collaboration style, which involves the right people in the right capacity at the right time. We’ve never met a UX problem we can’t solve. Have a hyper-complex product or domain? Bring it on!

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What we do

Enterprise UX services

We plug and play into your team and your needs. Inevitably, this includes the full scope of UX design, which we see as:

Map going from A to B

Low fidelity mapping & discovery

Mapping out the logic, user journey, wireframes and task flows

Mess of cords with arrow showing the cords getting organized neatly

Iterative experimentation & de-risking

Interactive prototyping, UI design, interaction design, user research

Blue circuit illustration

Development support during implementation

Documentation, specifications, design QA, design system creation and maintenance


Rule out risks and reservations

You aren’t alone in some concerns around collaborating with an external team for your  UX. We’ve compiled a list addressing the most common FAQs we’ve seen

In what capacity does your team work?

We act as a plug and play design team for a range of situations. From teams who have never integrated any kind of UX design resource, to supplementing and collaborating with existing design teams. Depending on your needs, we can take the lead on new ideas, or support the team you have in place. We shine when it comes to collaboration and integrating quickly in teams. See our article about product management and design collaboration for example

Is there anything in the scope of design you don’t do?

We do the full scope of UX/UI design for software in the enterprise arena. This includes “zooming out” and formulating logic around the whole flow, to wireframing (mapping out screens) and producing realistic prototypes. UX/UI design however does not extend to branding or marketing, so we will happily refer you to wonderful teams we know.

When should a UX team be brought into a new project?

Our team gets brought into projects across the spectrum of stages. Sometimes we’ll work with a single visionary to establish direction and then grow with the team. Other times, development will be underway and there’s a more urgent context to the work. Ideally we’re brought in earlier rather than later.

Do I need to do a huge UX project to move the needle?

We’ve had great success making relatively small UX improvements to software which have significantly improved the usability and flow of products (and it doesn’t always need to be fancy UI or animations either). We believe that incremental improvement to your product and development process can make a huge difference. Often this is accompanied with longer-term work that sets a vision for the future. Both of these approaches work hand in hand to improve your product.

How do I “sell UX” to my superiors?

Your business case and ROI calculation around UX investment may come down to several different factors that relate to the specifics of your business. A very common situation we see is the development team spending a lot of time trying to make design decisions, this cost savings might be a useful initial lens to apply. If you’re in a particularly competitive field, where your enterprise product is starting to lag behind in a scary way, you may want to apply the lens of opportunity cost. Many of our clients have used design concept work to de-risk development efforts and secure interest for large opportunities. Regardless of the approach you have, please leverage our resource “How to calculate the ROI of UX” as a guide and inspiration for you and your team.

“P&P has a deep understanding of data and user empathy in complex experiences. They can walk the fine line between innovation and familiarity that is rare in the industry. Plus, they are equally comfortable diving deep into the weeds and zooming way out in a way that is essential for building high quality software.”
Chris Parmer, VP of Product at Plot.ly
dan b
"I recommend them highly to any fintech or startup looking for user focused design and would use their services again without hesitation."
Daniel Barton, Co-founder, COO of Billi Labs
alex leduc
“Their ability to quickly get up to speed, understand things so clearly from a user perspective and rapidly iterate ideas makes for a collaborative environment that always results in a better product than we originally anticipated. ”
Alex Leduc, CEO of Perch
lee noble
"Their deep knowledge of user experience design and best practices was evident in every stage of the project, they had a clear design rationale and their attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the UI was carefully considered and refined."
Lee Noble, CEO of Goodpaw
julie b
"The learning program gave our team a shared vocabulary and framework from which to approach our designs. For some in the team who came to design from other disciplines, this helped build a foundation in design fundamentals as well as diving into more advanced complicated design patterns."
Julie Baher, Vice President of Design & UX at Myriad Genetics
"Collaborating with Pencil & Paper was instrumental as we shifted our product culture towards greater user-centricity. Their expertise in B2B software kickstarted this journey for us, and we can visibly see how their guidance shaped our current UX practices."
Nakisa product team, (Nakisa HR Suite)
“The professional approach to engaging with the team is among the best I've seen. They communicated in a timely manner, were consistently upbeat and optimistic, and produced outstanding designs.”
Andy Leikucs, Head of Development at IQVIA
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