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We solve complex problems with a human touch.

We build thoughtful user experiences across the digital space and into the real life sphere.

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Benefits of UX

What’s so special about the UX perspective?

We think about the whole picture, foster collaboration and give your users a voice and role in your product. Calculate the ROI of UX here.

user engagement

Increased user engagement

customer loyality

More value for users

support costs

Decreased development costs

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Empowering you to deliver great UX

We help product teams and UXers alike get better at their UX practise with purely actionable courses, templates and tools.

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The Companies We Work With Believe in…

You are picky about who you work with – so are we. If this sounds like your business, then we are the design partner that you’ve been waiting for.


Long Term Vision

You see the long term vision of your business, customers, and how they intersect.


The Value of UX

You know that better user experience leads to a happier customer and a more successful business.


Evidence is Important

You believe that testing with users gives us the answers we need to de-risk and proceed with confidence.

The Companies We Work with Are…

You are picky about who you work with – so are we. If this sounds like your
business, then we are the design partner that you’ve been waiting for.


Getting Started

Your business is at early stages, but you know there’s a need and an opportunity.



You have experienced some early success. Now you’re rapidly growing and need help to scale.


Evidence is Important

Your business is established and running smoothly, but you want to break the status quo.

Think we’re a Fit? Let’s Chat!

Get to know each other a bit, discuss your goals, the design process, talk through our work examples, ux in general.

“P&P has a deep understanding of data and user empathy in complex experiences. They can walk the fine line between innovation and familiarity that is rare in the industry. Plus, they are equally comfortable diving deep into the weeds and zooming way out in a way that is essential for building high quality software.”
Chris Parmer, VP of Product at
dan b
"I recommend them highly to any fintech or startup looking for user focused design and would use their services again without hesitation."
Daniel Barton, Co-founder, COO of Billi Labs
alex leduc
“Their ability to quickly get up to speed, understand things so clearly from a user perspective and rapidly iterate ideas makes for a collaborative environment that always results in a better product than we originally anticipated. ”
Alex Leduc, CEO of Perch
lee noble
"Their deep knowledge of user experience design and best practices was evident in every stage of the project, they had a clear design rationale and their attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the UI was carefully considered and refined."
Lee Noble, CEO of Goodpaw
julie b
"The learning program gave our team a shared vocabulary and framework from which to approach our designs. For some in the team who came to design from other disciplines, this helped build a foundation in design fundamentals as well as diving into more advanced complicated design patterns."
Julie Baher, Vice President of Design & UX at Myriad Genetics
"Collaborating with Pencil & Paper was instrumental as we shifted our product culture towards greater user-centricity. Their expertise in B2B software kickstarted this journey for us, and we can visibly see how their guidance shaped our current UX practices."
Nakisa product team, (Nakisa HR Suite)
“The professional approach to engaging with the team is among the best I've seen. They communicated in a timely manner, were consistently upbeat and optimistic, and produced outstanding designs.”
Andy Leikucs, Head of Development at IQVIA
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