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Why we
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We design products from an entrepreneurial perspective

Designing in a startup context is unique, we see everything from a strategic lens in addition to our human-centred lens. We help you find extra opportunities for value generation and ways to optimize of your business.

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Why us?

Our design expertise reduces your exposure to risk.

We are leveraging design to create valuable experiences customers want to pay for. We have knowledge and perspective to set up your product for success.


Passion for innovation

Disrupting the status quo is our comfort zone.


Creating adaptable designs that can suit new situations.

Development knowledge

We work with developers to be as efficient as possible

Once upon a time

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a startup. They had little money, but tons of passion and an amazing idea.

chapter 1
Chapter 2

Being strapped for money, they used their intuition to design and build a functional MVP. It even solved a problem!

chapter 2
Chapter 3

As users started to notice usability issues, developers created more and more bandaid solutions.

chapter 3
Chapter 4

Pretty soon, the product was more bandaids then not! The team realized they needed a serious design overhaul - but had no idea how to start.

chapter 4
Chapter 5

Pencil and Paper to the rescue! They used user research to surface the problems, and years of design experience to create a beautiful interface.

chapter 5
Chapter 6

Now the startup had a product their customers loved - not tolerated. The quality of their idea was finally matched by the quality of its design.

chapter 6
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Our design expertise reduces your exposure to risk.

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We can’t broadcast our work in this sphere, but these are the types of work we’ve been doing in this space:

  • A mobile application design and user testing for booking medical appointments
  • A data visualization dashboard to help health care professionals
  • A redesign of a well used data manipulation software product with many table views and a complex workflow
They redesigned a tricky flow and created a great user-centred design for our FinTech startup!
Matthew Smith, CEO of Mazumago
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