Interaction Design Masterclass

Enrich your knowledge of interaction design in complex environments

Learn about crafting enterprise-grade experiences, one enterprise UX example at a time.

Premium Masterclass

3x Checklists

1 Hour

Ceara crawshaw, Instructor

What's in it for you?

Interaction design, the P&P way

This is a curated to-the-point masterclass which takes you through the following:

  • A better way to think about to accompany our examples - tying key rationale not seen before
  • Apply the lens of quality to specific scenarios - building up your sense of “passable” ⭐️ and “excellent” ⭐⭐⭐ interactions
  • Exploring deeper into states and edge cases - this is where enterprise-factor maxes out, we answer the question: “How can something be successful AND have errors?”

Some brands using our resources:

Seamless Delivery

Designed with busy schedules in mind

As a busy professional making stuff for your sprint release, we’ve crafted the UX of this masterclass intentionally for you to get the most out of it possible:

  • Short snippet format - releasing key concepts with zero fluff
  • Drip fed format - we release the masterclass bit by bit into your inbox, so you get a little reminder (but you can binge it no problem ;))
  • Reflections and exercises - if you want to flex your knowledge and explore your thinking, you can, but there’s no pressure here.
"The learning program gave our team a shared vocabulary and framework from which to approach our designs. For some in the team who came to design from other disciplines, this helped build a foundation in design fundamentals as well as diving into more advanced complicated design patterns."
julie b
Julie Baher, Vice President of Design & UX at Myriad Genetics

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Are you ready to level up your interaction design? This masterclass deep-dives into all the behaviours and intricacies of the enterprise world and how to handle these complexities!

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