Data Tables Masterclass

Crafting Excellent Data Table Experiences

Learn about crafting these key experiences and benefit from P&P’s rich expertise in the wide world of data-rich UX

Premium Masterclass

90 Min

New Design Principles

35+ Examples

Ceara & Fanny, Presenters

Data table UX is hard

We’ve still got a data table problem, people.

Despite the wealth of best practices and patterns we (and the internet) has assembled, there’s more to say. We’re still struggling, so let’s dive into the challenges of real-world data table decision-making.


You’ll benefit from this masterclass if:

  • You’re tackling data tables in an enterprise environment
  • You’re generally interested in tackling data-rich experiences
  • You’re struggling to deliver a great experience and feel a little overwhelmed
  • You’ve reviewed our article, but want to hear it straight from the source (better with video than long form content)

What's Included

What will we cover?

  • Comprehensive design principles based around uniquely enterprise use cases
  • Actual UI examples with animations to show how patterns and principles interact
  • Standards around tables, information architecture, data quality, actions, mobile and more
  • Frameworks, workflow hacks, case studies and more!
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About This Masterclass

Structure of the masterclass

Ceara and Fanny will take you through a beautiful hand-crafted Figma prototype presentation, where you can see all the examples come to life.

The structure of the content is:

  • Intro & set the vibe
  • Contextualizing Data Tables and defining your experience
  • Data mapping workflow
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Information architecture and data
  • Information seeking
  • Table Actions
  • Content wrap up
  • Questions (15 min)


This masterclass will help if any of these sound familiar:

Dev gotchas

Either the dev crew or the data crew is telling you things aren’t possible

The team isn't getting it

You’ve got a perpetual mediocre table experience and your team doesn’t totally get it

Don’t know where to focus

Use cases and diversity of circumstances are leaving you a bit stumped for what’s next

Limited resources

Prioritization needs are there, but it’s not clear how to prioritize

Wondering more?


Is there a money-back guarantee?

We value quality - whether it's robust design work or thorough training & masterclasses. If you aren't satisfied with the masterclass, we'll offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s the main difference between this masterclass and the article?

This masterclass will solidify and enrich the article content. We’ll tell enterprise stories and share the inside scoop of our experiences. We’ve wrapped the patterns around a layer of design principles which aren’t in the article - this is the intent behind the patterns. We’ve added a “data mapping” exercise and other amazing bonus content to help you in your data table journey!

Will I get the recording after the fact?

In short, yes. If you want to interact with the team or ask questions, join live and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn live and interact with others! You’ll have access for the next 6 months.

What’s the participation level like?

A good chunk of the session will be “lecture style” but we’ll have a Q&A at the end where you can bring your key questions and we’ll attempt to answer them as best we can!

Will live captions be available?

During the live session, you can turn on live captions in whatever language you’re most comfortable with which will be autogenerated by the platform we’re using to deliver the masterclass.

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