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Often overlooked, loading states help users understand that the system is working and performing the operations required.


Packed with examples

50 min

Ceara & Fanny, Presenters

What’s included

Loading deserves it’s moment

Loading states are just that — small pockets of time that should be judiciously used to provide the user with visibility on what the system is doing. This is key in helping users feel in control, making them aware of the context at all times, and reassuring them that the right task is effectively being worked on.

Join the P&P crew as they explore loading behaviour, hitting you with practical workflow tips and UX standards along the way.

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Seamless Delivery

Designed with busy schedules in mind

As a busy professional making stuff for your sprint release, we’ve crafted the UX of this masterclass intentionally for you to get the most out of it possible:

  • Short snippet format - releasing key concepts with zero fluff
  • Fun and entertaining - we have fun as we talk about nerdy topics as per usual
  • Workflow oriented - we always frame things around collaboration with the team to be as practical as possible
"The learning program gave our team a shared vocabulary and framework from which to approach our designs. For some in the team who came to design from other disciplines, this helped build a foundation in design fundamentals as well as diving into more advanced complicated design patterns."
julie b
Julie Baher, Vice President of Design & UX at Myriad Genetics

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