Intro to ux for teams masterclass

Get the team aligned on UX fundamentals

UX culture starts with a shared understanding of the scope of user experience design.

Premium Masterclass

Packed with Examples

7 Videos

1 Hour

Ceara crawshaw, Instructor

What’s included

UX alignment without the fluff

We created this short series to be succinct, high-impact and concrete for your team. We surround abstract concepts with real examples, making the masterclass easy to take in. The outline:

  • What is user experience (UX) basic definition and scope of design
  • The mindsets of a UX designer - how designers see the world
  • How designers think about problems - the types of rationale we apply to product choices
  • Design in action - how design rationale plays out in product decisions through a real example
  • UX Process - end-to-end UX process with a realistic example

Some brands using our resources:

Seamless Delivery

Designed with busy schedules in mind

As a busy professional making stuff for your sprint release, we’ve crafted the UX of this masterclass intentionally for you to get the most out of it possible:

  • Short snippet format - releasing key concepts with zero fluff
  • Fun and entertaining - we have fun as we talk about nerdy topics as per usual
  • Example oriented - we don’t keep things abstract for long and always centre ideas in an example

Access our Intro to UX for Teams Masterclass

Inject some fresh UX knowledge into your team and build a solid UX foundation across the board with this easy to consume, fun, and example-oriented masterclass.

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