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A comprehensive UX checklist for complex data tables

If you’re designing a data table, you’re probably handling a juicy combination of technical constraints, limited screen real-estate, and someone who wants to show as many columns as possible! So what do you do? Whip out this checklist, because we’ve got your back. It covers:

  • Common issues and successful traits
  • Types of tables
  • Architecture, data presentation, and actions
  • Filtering and sorting behaviour
  • How to prioritize and evaluate for next steps

Keep all the little details within your sightline with this handy reference guide and up your data table game today—it’s free! 🎉

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We’re not the only nerds obsessed with data tables!

We’re enterprise UX designers that love making the enterprise UX realm a better place for everyone. Data tables are such a big deal in our niche, and that resonates with many other designers in the enterprise UX world.

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This PDF checklist is a fave of designers around the world, including from Disney and Starbucks! From information architecture to interaction, it helps you make your data tables shine.

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