UX Heuristic Report Template Kit

Share your heuristic evaluation like the pro you are

Spend your time and life force actually doing your heuristic evaluation, rather than endless visual fiddling!

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Easily Customizable

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Beautiful & Fun to Use

Meganne Ohata, Creator

What you get

Engagement and enthusiasm from your team? Yes please.

If you’re preparing heuristic evaluation findings, chances are you need to present them to your team, client or c-suite. All too often, we create reports which sit in inboxes gathering dust (womp womp).

Remember, you’re usually presenting both new concepts AND insights at the same time, that’s a cognitive leap for your audience. You want to avoid low engagement and get people excited about usability, never fear, it can be done!

Wrap your findings around a layer of beauty, easy to reference terms and an actual fun reading experience and know their socks fly off 🧦🧦. (We’ve seen this first hand from the reactions we’ve gotten in the past: 🤯)

We’ve got your back with this toolkit so you, your work, and usability in general can shine and get people excited! You’ll get all the glory without the drama of building the report.

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Key features of the template kit

Deliver delight without the headache

  • Quick reference interactions - learning new terms is a breeze for readers
  • Fun navigation - delivering a way more fun way to get around compared to old school slides 😴
  • Simple to prepare - The file built out so your decision quickly scale – drop stuff in, write text and you’re done
  • Customizable - Change styles to feel more like you without breaking things 🤓
My hope is that your amazing insights can shine by using this presentation. I built this with a lot of supporting documentation, so using it is totally demystified. Enjoy!
Meganne Ohata, Sr UX @ Pencil and Paper

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This Figma template will take your heuristic evaluations to the next level!

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