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Good FinTech UX is one of the most powerful differentiators.

From scrappy startups to established companies, modern digital experiences and interactions are elevating the expectations for FinTech companies and creating the opportunity for a competitive edge.

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Why us?

We have the deep technical expertise that FinTech requires.

build trust

Build Trust

A lot of fear comes with finance. Developing trust indicators & embedding throughout a FinTech experience is key.

Communicate Clearly

Clearly communicating terms, timelines, and conditions is a key challenge for financial products.
decision making

Aid in Decision Making

Financial literacy is not equal among your customers. Your product can help users make the right decisions.

A Tale of Two FinTechs

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there were two FinTech products. One was older and well established, but hard to use. The other was newer and had been designed with users in mind.

chapter 1
Chapter 2

The older product was the industry leader for a while. It knew it was hard to use, but figured it was safe from competition.

chapter 2
Chapter 3

The newer product was determined to obtain users - not by tricking them, but by offering them the best possible experience.

chapter 3
Chapter 4

Little by little, the users of the old FinTech product started to notice the efforts of the new product.

chapter 4
Chapter 5

Pretty soon, the newer product found itself with all the users the older product took for granted.

chapter 5
Chapter 6

And now it’s all alone, doomed to spend the rest of it’s existence among products who don’t understand their users.

chapter 6
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Do you have a FinTech product that needs some love?

We are a UX/UI design agency for: Digital banking products, payments products, lending products, trading products, investment products, accounting software, personal finance products, financial dashboards, banking interfaces & enterprise financial products.

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dan b
The entire process was very smooth. Their expertise in FinTech was invaluable and helped us navigate the complexity of the design for ourselves and our customers.
Daniel Barton, VP of Operations at Travella
alex leduc
“What I view as one of their biggest strengths is their ability to grasp complex process flows and anticipate how it would affect each stakeholder so that we never lose sight of the bigger picture.”
Alex Leduc, CEO of Mortgauge
They redesigned a tricky flow and created a great user-centred design for our FinTech startup!
Matthew Smith, CEO at Mazumago
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