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Professional Standards for Enterprise Interaction Design

Optimize your workflows and level-up your UX using: Interaction Standards, System Messages (errors, success and warnings) and System Statuses.

Key Take-Aways
interaction design

Who‘s It for

Product teams – who need to get on the same page about UX
Startup teams – who are bootstrapping their UX design
Anyone making UX Decisions – who are relying on their ‘gut’ to make decisions


Beginner to intermediate


Experience working on product development
Industry-Relevant Skills Training
Real-world case studies
10 sessions (10 mins each)
1-2 hours video content

Do you have an
Interaction Design Problem?


Support Tickets

You get user reports about your system being ‘broken’ (even when it’s not)

Prioritizing Errors

You are using error messages to communicate how your system works

‘Hand-holding’ Support

There are moments where your users feel stuck
confused useres

Confused Users

Your users have no context on what’s going to happen next (or how long it will take)
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Transform Your User’s Experience

Our Introduction to Interaction Design (ID) course takes you above and beyond the basics, so that you can start using a professional level approach—that will make your software feel intuitive and enjoyable to use.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what Interaction Design really is and how to implement it in your workflows
  • Recognize scenarios and situations that you need to design for
  • Learn how to easily integrate Interaction Standards and design processes into your existing workflows
  • Understand your system’s logic and how it influences your interaction design

Some brands using our resources

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Design Course
for enterprise software

Interaction Design For Enterprise Software

Interaction Standards, System Messages (errors, success and warnings) and System Statuses.

$250 USD

Introduction to Interaction Design is a professional training resource for experienced team leads and UX designers, who are on a mission to build powerful interactions—that are specifically designed with their users in mind.

What’s included?
  • 1 year of training access
  • See real-world Enterprise use cases and examples
  • Get repeatable standards (to compare your interactions to)
  • Up-level your states (errors, warnings, success) and statuses
  • Develop a powerful new way to think about Interaction Design
  • Empower your teams to answer their own problems
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